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The Many Animals of Linux – AKA WTF is a ‘Trusty Tahr’? – Part 2

In this series of posts I scour Wikipedia looking for a bunch of random facts about animals in Ubuntu release names. I sometimes make slightly snarky comments about them that I find mildly amusing. This post starts from Ubuntu 7.04. Take a look at part one here. Part 2 took eight years, so you better enjoy it.

Ubuntu 7.04 – Feisty Fawn

A very non feisty looking fawn

A very non feisty looking fawn. (Source: Veledan on Wikipedia)

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Let’s Go to Fry’s!

Sometimes I have the unfortunate need (or even desire) to visit my local Fry’s Electronics (see wikipedia), a regional chain of electronics stores. Picture Best Buy, but with more computer parts and electronics, and the world’s pushiest and stupidest salesmen who get paid on commission, fake Internet price matching, really cool themed decorations that haven’t been maintained in years, horrible customer service, and just all around douche baggery. Check out how they demonstrate the “Monster Cable Difference.”

Last time I went, I took a few pictures of some interesting items I found.

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The Many Animals of Linux – AKA WTF is a ‘Trusty Tahr’? – Part 1

Have you ever heard about a new Ubuntu release and wondered what a tahr or pangolin is? I know I have. Every Ubuntu release is given a codename that consists of an adjective and an animal name. A few other distros have have also had releases that reference animals.

I’ve scoured the Internet (by that I mean Wikipedia) to find information about these animals. I’ve picked out just the most interesting bits and paired them with pretty pictures. Let’s get started.

Ubuntu 4.10 – Warty Warthog


Note: does not appear to have warts

Warthogs are a member of the pig family and live in Africa. You may know them from The Lion King.

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