Let’s Go to Fry’s!

Sometimes I have the unfortunate need (or even desire) to visit my local Fry’s Electronics (see wikipedia), a regional chain of electronics stores.
Picture Best Buy, but with more computer parts and electronics, and the world’s pushiest and stupidest salesmen who get paid on commission, fake Internet price matching, really cool themed decorations that haven’t been maintained in years, horrible customer service, and just all around douche baggery. Check out how they demonstrate the “Monster Cable Difference.”

Last time I went, I took a few pictures of some interesting items I found.

Piss Basket

Piss Basket

Whenever it rains, all the Fry’s in the area have these all over the place and they leave them out for a week or so. Most of them were much fuller than this one.




Finally I can monitor my “Status Infostructure”! OK, I’m actually not completely sure how I’m supposed to read the bottom part with the commas and slashes.

Also, “WIRELESS N150 USB ADAPTER” is a sticker.


Some Fry’s have books (mostly computer related). They don’t seem to ever get rid of the old ones that don’t sell though. I recently saw a book on Widows ME at one.

Finally, a guide to piracy!

Finally, a guide to piracy!

This one isn’t quite as old as Windows ME, but it is fairly old (2005). I found mixed in with books of sheet music.

Seeing the topic of the book, I stopped to look through it for a few minutes.


I learned a few things from this section.

This is from the section of file permissions, which I’m not sure why was in a book about not pirating things in the first place. I learned that when you’re not using windows in linux, you can use the “Linux System Administrator” command to look at files and their properties. I was so busy laughing about what ‘ls -a’ stood for, that I didn’t even realize that it doesn’t even do what the book says it does (only shows file names).


Note to self: constant internet connection = blue screen

This one comes from a list of tips for downloading stuff. Apparently, listening to music causes windows to blue screen.

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