Getting progress from dd

Just a real quick post on how to get progress updates from dd.

The dd command normally doesn’t display any progress updates when you run it.

In order to get dd to print out its current progress, send the USR1 signal to the dd process.

Step 1: Start dd.

[email protected]:~$ dd if=/dev/random of=outfile 

Step 2: Get the PID (Process ID) of dd.

[email protected]:~$ ps a PID TTY STAT TIME COMMAND -- snip -- 9158 pts/30 S+ 0:00 dd if=/dev/random of=outfile 9187 pts/31 R+ 0:00 ps a

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Free Email Hosting with Zoho

If you’ve ever tried to set up your own mail server, you know it can be a pain in the ass.

A lot of hosting companies offer free email forwarding and this may work fine for you, but if you want a separate mailbox (or several) you either need your own mail server or you need to get someone else to host it for you. Google used to offer free email hosting (i.e. gmail, but with your own domain name), but stopped offering this for free in 2012. Outlook (from Microsoft) stopped allowing new sign ups with your own domain name too.

Fortunately, Zoho offers free email hosting (and paid plans, of course). As of the time of writing, they offer free email hosting for 10 users, 5GB per user.

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Microsoft TechNet Evaluation Center

Have you ever wanted to mess around with a copy of Windows Server 2012, Exchange Server, SQL Server, or some other Microsoft product targeted at businesses?

You can download fully functional copies of Windows Server, Windows 7, Windows 8, Exchange, SQL Server, Office, and a shitload more for free from Microsoft’s own website.

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